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Prospective Clients/Students

All students must apply to CollegePATH, Inc. to be considered for college advising programs. In order to qualify for a CollegePATH program, you must:

1. Have a GPA of 2.9 or greater.
2. Demonstrated community service hours.
3. Demonstrated extracurricular activities.

CollegePATH application

Current Clients/Students

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U.S. Students
At CollegePATH, we pride ourselves on being professional and knowledgeable counselors who assist you throughout the college admissions process. With colleges and universities becoming more and more selective, students need every opportunity to level the playing field and compete with a larger number of students who represent the best and brightest. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone, CollegePATH can help to assess your student's strengths, needs, goals, and priorities, so that we may assist in finding colleges that represent the BEST fit for your student.

CollegePATH offers a vast array of personalized services designed with the needs of U.S. high school students and their families in mind. We are happy to assist you with:

  1. College Selection and Application process
  2. Standardized Test Preparation Guidance
  3. Transcript Review
  4. Application Development
  5. Essays – Application or Scholarship
  6. Resumes
  7. University Interviews
  8. Letter of Recommendations
  9. Life Coaching

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