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International Students
At CollegePATH we dedicate ourselves to working with international students. We offer educational consulting services that assist students who wish to study in the United States from other parts of the world.

Very few American educational consultancies have experience dealing with the intricacies of visas, international travel, school visits, accommodation, applications and acceptance procedures. At CollegePATH. We have a very high success rate at placing international students to colleges that best fit them, and university of choice.

For students residing outside of the United States, studying abroad shapes and impacts the cultural, economic, and diplomatic dialogue between the students' native countries and the United States. A United States educational experience builds self-confidence, fosters independence, and develops diverse skills that translate to workplace and career success.

International students who are looking to apply to U. S. Colleges and Universities, as either undergraduate or graduate students, usually have a need for a lot of additional information about how colleges and universities in the United States work and how they will pay for these colleges. We pride ourselves in being able to help with the process in order for you to live your dreams of studying abroad, and gaining access to an educational degree that will proved invaluable for a lifetime.

Let CollegePATH USA show you why we are the best at helping students be their best!

At College Path we offer:
  • International Education Consultancy with global presence
  • Extensive advisory service on application procedures and visa guidance
  • Fast growing global network
  • Strong teams of knowledgeable and qualified staff
  • Over 200 top ranked Universities and study institutions in the USA

CollegePATH offers comprehensive consulting services designed with the needs of international families in mind. All services are offered in a package format. Please contact us for rates.

  1. College Selection and Application process
  2. Standardized Test Preparation Guidance
  3. Transcript Review
  4. Application Development
  5. Essays
  6. Resumes
  7. Interviews
  8. Letter of Recommendations
  9. I-20 Prep
  10. Supporting Documents
  11. F-1 Interview Prep
  12. Admissions Counseling
  13. Concierge and Specialty Services
  14. Accommodations
  15. Life Coaching

Contact us Today. Your International counselor will also have availability during hours that are convenient for you, and communicate via Skype, webcam, phone, and email.

Resources Links
NOTE: The following sites are not endorsed by CollegePATH, and only provided as a general reference. Students are always encouraged to research all options independently.

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