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Client Testimonials

“CollegePATH was a lifesaver for our family…My husband and I did not get the chance to go to college and came to the U.S. to find a better life for our children. We had no idea how to begin searching for colleges or how to pay for it, either. Our advisor walked our daughter through the college process, step by step and worked with our her one-on-one…she got the attention she needed and results we wanted. She’s off to college next fall with over $20,000 in scholarships!”
Patricia A, Georgia
“I had no idea how to even start with searching for college. My mom didn’t go to college, so I had no one else to ask and my friends didn’t know either! My CollegePATH Advisor was so cool and down to earth and never made me feel like I had any dumb questions…I learned so much and look forward to attending University of Florida in the fall!”
Donna B., Florida

“I didn’t think we could afford any other colleges besides state schools. Our CollegePATH advisor was thorough…she took us through the process and really helped us understand financial aid and how test scores can increase opportunities for scholarships! College became much more affordable after working with CollegePATH…we’re so grateful!”
Sridja C., California
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About Us
Our History
Our Founders created CollegePATH, Inc. in 2008, as a not-for-profit organization geared towards making college education accessible to low-income students of color and/or students who were first-generation-to-college. Our services were always free and we served our community with pride and a sense of contribution. We relied heavily on private funding to keep our doors and services open…we were small, but happy!

Shortly thereafter, with dozens of successful students and counseling experience, our founders started a separate branch of CollegePATH to service students who did not fit into the original student category but desired the assistance and expertise of CollegePATH Advisors. That's how CollegePATH USA was born. Additionally, in collaboration with our global partners with over 20+ years of experience, CollegePATH USA expanded its services to include International Students. Our satisfied and successful clients attend schools across the country….and across the globe!

With many years of experience our organization has worked successfully with all types of students and look forward to working with you! Our counselors are personable, detail-oriented, professional, and pleasant to work with. Each client is seen as an individual and we work hard to make your experience a successful one.

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